Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Adolf Loos

  • Ornament results in the undue obsolescence of everyday objects.
  • Ornament is a sign of degeneracy.
  • Loos alludes to the timeless qualities of architecture devoid of ornamentation.
  • Focus on uses of space.
  • Loos equates ornaments with “savagery”.
  • Progress of culture is associated with the deletion of ornament from everyday objects.
  • Eliminating wastefulness.
  • The urge to ornament one’s self is the baby talk of painting.
  • A blank canvas can be more.
  • Buildings often composed of pure forms and justified by their economic practicality and utilitarian qualities.
  • To not mask the true nature and beauty of materials by useless and indecent ornament.
  • The true vocabulary of architecture lies into the materials themselves. The building should remain dumb on the outside and contrast austere facades with lavish interiors.

Rural Studio

  • “Architecture more than any other art form, is a social art and must rest on the social and cultural base of its time and place” – Samuel Mockbee.
  • Establishing the ethos of recycling, reusing and remaking.
  • The studio questions what should be built rather than what can be built.
  • Everyone both rich and poor deserves good design.
  • Rural studio encourages the use of wood as a renewable and readily available material throughout the studio.
  • The initial sketch is always an emotion not a concept.

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